Recording Vegetable Garden Crop Placement

Recording Vegetable Garden Crop Placement - thelinkssite.comOur vegetable garden is a bit unusual in that we don’t have formal beds. The vegetable garden itself is around ten metres by five metres and each season we just set up plots within that space as we need them.  We have a few main paths around the vegetable garden but other than that we tend to make our plots as big or as small as we need them.

We find that this is quite handy because we can often squeeze more into the garden by leaving smaller pathways. It does however have its drawbacks, the main one being that we have to keep a plan of our complete garden each season so that we can see what we have planted where.

Recording what you have planted and where you have planted it in the vegetable garden is vital for ongoing success with your vegetable crops. It is important to rotate vegetable crops around the garden to minimise pest and disease problems.

If we had raised garden beds we could simply give each one a number and then record what had been planted in each. … Continue reading


Virgin Mojito Recipe

Virgin Mojito Recipe - thelinkssite.comWhen you have been outside in the garden working or if the weather is super-hot there is nothing more thirst quenching than a big glass of chilled water! I try and drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, and most days I don’t have any trouble meeting that quota! I think I love water so much because it goes with all food types. I mean water has no taste, so you can drink it with every meal and you don’t have to worry about if it will clash with the food!

As much as I like water it is nice to have some other drinks as well. When you are looking for a refreshing summertime drink you can’t go past a lemon based drink! Aside from plain water I find that lemon drinks are very satisfying on a hot day. So today I am sharing a recipe for a Virgin Mojito using fresh lemon juice!

To be honest I had never had a mojito until this summer but after I came across this recipe for a Virgin Mojito I thought … Continue reading


Links I Love from January 2015

My favourite links from January 2015 - thelinkssite.comI can’t believe that we are into the second half of February already – it will only be a couple of weeks now and autumn will be here! It is still pretty warm though; February tends to be one of the hottest months of summer. I’m not going to complain about the heat though because warm weather means lots of home grown fruit and vegetables!

We have enjoyed so much produce from the garden this summer it has been wonderful. It is great to have things like tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, capsicums, and zucchinis in abundance. We have had more than enough for ourselves and have even been able to give some away to friends and neighbours!

Well enough about the garden and on to the Links I Love from January 2015! As with previous months, I have pinned photos from the links that I have found onto my Pinterest boards, and I am sharing those pins here.

If you want to pin any of the links to one of your own boards on Pinterest just click the ‘Pin It’ button. Or you can go directly … Continue reading


10 Zucchini Recipes to Try Before the End of Summer!

10 Zucchini Recipes to Try Before the End of Summer - thelinkssite.comI really like zucchini, so last spring I decided to plant some of my own in the vegetable garden. My Mum warned me that they were good producers so I only planted four seeds in the hope that I would get a couple of plants. I ended up with three zucchini plants and boy have they produced loads of zucchinis! It feels like I have spent much of my time over summer thinking about possible zucchini recipes and different ways to cook zucchini!

I like them plain so we have had plenty of plain steamed zucchini and since I was given a veggie twister for Christmas we have also been able to make zoodles (zucchini noodles!). I love how quickly you can turn the zucchini into cute looking noodles; we have enjoyed eating them with salads or with a nice bolognaise sauce. I have also made some Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins a while ago and they were awesome!

Even though we are now in February the zucchinis are not showing any sign of slowing … Continue reading


Plastic Earrings from Recycled Milk Bottles

Cute Plastic Earrings made form a used milk bottle! - thelinkssite.comMaking jewellery from recycled stuff is really popular at the moment and I can see why. These cute plastic earrings are cheap, look beautiful and no one would ever guess that they were made from old milk bottles!

I have been interested in having a go at making some of my own jewellery for a few years now but it was only recently that I gave it a try. In particular I wanted to make some of my own earrings because I tend to wear earrings more than necklaces, bracelets, or rings. I like earrings that are casual and cute, stuff that you can wear during the day when you are going to work or to the shops.

I have had a bit of a go at making some earrings from bought beads but I wanted to make some more unique ones. Recently I was looking at uses for milk bottles (when I was doing a post on plastic plant markers) and I saw these cool plastic earrings. I thought that they looked so … Continue reading


National Pet Adoption Day

National Pet Adoption Day - Maddy - thelinkssite.comI could not let today pass without writing a post in support of National Pet Adoption Day. This event is one that is close to my heart, and that of my family, because we welcomed two adopted cats into our home a little over 12 months ago.

Pet ownership is not for everyone but after our experience I would urge anyone who is contemplating getting at pet to consider adopting one from one of the many animal shelters around the country. The idea of getting a new kitten or puppy from a breeder or pet store may be tempting but it is so rewarding to know that you have given a loving home to an animal that was otherwise homeless.

Our two cats, Maddy and Wally, have brought so much love and joy into our house and now we cannot imagine life without them.  I often marvel at how a mature animal can form a bond with complete strangers so quickly. It is as if they know that you chose to give them a good home and they love and trust you for that.

We … Continue reading


Plum Oat Muffins

These Plum Oat Muffins are packed with juicy pieces of plum and are delicious for breakfast or a snack - thelinkssite.comI can’t get enough of these Plum Oat Muffins right now. Not only are they deliciously sweet, they’re also packed with healthy oats and juicy fresh plums!

Plums would have to be my favourite fruit at the moment. That is mainly because our plum tree is currently providing us with the most deliciously sweet and juicy plums that we have had for years. We have put extra water on the plum tree lately because our pumpkin patch is underneath it and the tree is really thanking us for it!

Every afternoon over the last couple of weeks it has become a ritual to head out to the garden and stand by the plum tree eating fresh plums. It seems like there are a lot of plums at first but when you eat your way through half a dozen or so each day they soon disappear! In the past we have turned them into plum jam but this year I think we will eat them all fresh!

We have successfully managed to Continue reading


Easy Plastic Plant Markers

Easy Plastic Plant Markers - thelinkssite.comI have enjoyed growing my own vegetables immensely over the last couple of years.  It is so much fun planning what you want to grow and then planting and tending to the seeds and plants. I have even contemplated planting vegetables that I don’t even like that much just so I can see if I can grow them! No matter what you are planting though, one thing that comes in handy in the vegetable garden is plant markers! If you are sowing lots of different seeds then you need to keep track of which ones are which!

I was planting some more carrot and beetroot seeds the other day and I decided to make my own plant markers. Often we use icy pole sticks as plant markers but I thought I’d have a go at making some plastic ones.

I saw this link recently that showed how to make your own plant markers from milk bottles and I thought that would be a great idea. I’m all for recycling used materials and … Continue reading