Frosted Choc Orange Cupcakes

Frosted Choc Orange Cupcakes - thelinkssite.comI love orange cakes and I love chocolate cakes, so when I had some spare oranges lying around I decided I just had to make some of these choc orange cupcakes. Actually the recipe that I adapted was for a single square choc orange cake but I turned it into cupcakes instead!

Cupcakes seem a bit more special than just a slice of cake. I suppose it is because I used to enjoy lots of yummy cupcakes when I was a kid. More times than I can remember I used to come home from school and mum would have some of these yummy little cakes waiting for me and my brother. We used to love watching cartoons and snacking on home baked treats like cupcakes.  My favourite were the butterfly ones – with whipped cream and jelly – … Continue reading


Treating Fungal Growth on Fruit Trees

Treating Fungal Growth on Fruit Trees - thelinkssite.comRecently I shared a list of the July gardening jobs that I plan to tackle this month. And while I have made a start on this list I have realised that I forgot to mention one job. It is not something that I have been doing for years but treating fungal growth on fruit trees is now one of my winter jobs!

Over the last couple of years we began noticing orange fungus growing on some of our fruit trees. It didn’t seem to be affecting the health of the trees but we were a bit worried anyway. It was growing in and around the cracks in the bark – mostly on the main branches.

It was only the plum and apricot trees … Continue reading


Links I Love from June 2014

Links I Love - thelinkssite.comOh my goodness winter has really taken hold lately! June 2014 could probably be described as a fairly mild start to winter but so far July has been very cold and wet.  Most days of July we have struggled to reach double figures!

The best thing about winter though is the yummy hot food that we can cook! This year we have lots of butternut pumpkins in storage so we have been enjoying lots of pumpkin recipes! Last week I shared a yummy Potato and Pumpkin Soup recipe that is really easy to make. Another favourite in our family is the delicious Creamy Vegetable Curry which is great with butternut pumpkin.

One more thing that is good to do when … Continue reading


Potato and Pumpkin Soup

Potato and Pumpkin Soup Recipe - thelinkssite.comI don’t know why it has taken me so long to try pumpkin soup! It’s not like it’s a new concept; people have been making pumpkin soup for years! It’s just not something that I have wanted to try; it always seemed that it would be a bit boring after the first couple of mouthfuls.

This year though we have lots of pumpkins in storage so I was determined to try cooking pumpkin soup to see if I would like it. Gee was I surprised at just how good it is and also how easy it is to make! I have to say, this potato and pumpkin soup was ready in no time. The hardest part was chopping up the vegetables; once everything was in the pot it was ready … Continue reading


July Gardening Plus What’s Going on in My Garden!

July Gardening - What jobs should we be doing in the garden during July - thelinkssite.comWow, where have the last six months gone? It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the New Year and now I am writing about my July gardening jobs! It is so hard to believe that we are almost into the middle of winter already.

The best thing about July is the feeling that spring is not far away. During June the afternoons are so short because it is getting dark by 5pm. By July we are well past the shortest day and slowly but surely the days are getting longer. Another reason why I like July is because it is my birthday month!

This last month it has been really hard to get out and do anything in the garden. This is because we … Continue reading


DIY Dry Roasted Peanuts

DIY roasted peanuts at home - thelinkssite.comOne of my favourite snacks at the moment has to be dry roasted peanuts. I find them so satisfying when I am looking for something to nibble on while watching TV. I like to snack on unshelled roasted peanuts because shelling the nuts keeps your hands busy. Also you eat less actual nuts if you have to shell them as you go!

I have to confess, used to love to snack on M&M’s and other chocolates but they just have too many calories. I find that the peanuts are a healthier alternative to sugary lollies and chocolates. They do still have a fair few calories but they have to be better than eating chocolate. I also prefer them unsalted and find that you really don’t miss the salt once you start eating them. Actually without the … Continue reading


Sweet Lemon Recipes: 10 Delicious Snack Ideas

My Top 10 Sweet Lemon Recipes - thelinkssite.comWhen I’m looking for something yummy to snack on I quite often find myself being drawn to sweet lemon recipes. I don’t know what it is about lemon snacks but they usually get my mouth watering. I pretty much love everything lemon – slices, cakes, and lemon meringue pies. I definitely have a weakness for lemon cheesecake; I could eat it every day if you let me!

That is why I have a Pinterest board dedicated to lemon recipes – I love finding new ones that I can drool over! Actually it should be called sweet lemon recipes because I have just noticed that all the lemon recipes that I have pinned are for cakes or desserts. I definitely have a lemony sweet tooth!

Lately I … Continue reading


Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

DIY Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub - thelinkssite.comIf you like to pamper your hands, you need to try this DIY lemon sugar hand scrub. It’s easy to make, smells lovely, and your hands will be so soft!

Isn’t it funny when you find something that is really useful when you weren’t actually looking for it! Often when we are online we are looking for something very specific. That’s why it’s great when you are just doing some random browsing and you come across a good idea that you can really use.

That happened to me recently when I came across a blog called Cheap Recipe Blog that was sharing a DIY Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub recipe. I got really excited because we have a lemon tree that is loaded with lemons at the … Continue reading