Links I Love from March 2014

Links I Love from March 2014Before I launch into sharing some of my favourite links from March 2014 I thought I would wish everyone a happy Easter. Technically Easter is almost over but it is still Easter Monday so I don’t think I’m too late. I have had a nice quite relaxing weekend so far, catching up with family and indulging in some yummy chocolate! If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I count calories to maintain my weight, but you can’t celebrate Easter without having a few chocolates! That’s my excuse anyway ;)

Well I have been scouring the internet again lately and have come up with some more great links that you must check out. I love sharing recipes that I have seen that really get my mouth watering … Continue reading


Easter Gifts: Treat Filled Chocolate Bowls

Chocolate Bowls are a Great Homemade Easter Gift Idea - thelinkssite.comThese beautiful homemade Easter gifts require a bit of patience but the result is well worth the effort. They make a great Easter gift for both adults and children.

Easter would have to be the best holiday for gift giving because you don’t have to think too hard about what to give. Everyone loves getting chocolate at Easter, don’t they? I know I do! And the shops don’t exactly make it hard either. Easter eggs start popping up at the supermarket in early January most years! We usually try to stay away from the chocolate eggs and hot cross buns until much closer to the actual holiday.

In previous years I would have picked out some simple chocolate gift boxes for close family and friends. This year though, I thought that … Continue reading


Drying Gourds for Decoration

Drying gourds - handy tips and advice - thelinkssite.comOnce you have successfully grown some gourds the next step is to dry them. Here I share what I have learnt about drying gourds for decorative uses.

A couple of years ago I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell you much at all about gourds. I had seen the cute little pumpkin like fruit that are often used in decoration but I didn’t really know what they were. My mum became interested in them when she started learning about floral art and that is when I found out what a gourd was!

We had wondered about growing them ourselves so when we saw some gourds seeds for sale we bought them and had a go at growing them!

During spring last year we cleared out the vegie patch and along with other … Continue reading


April Gardening 2014: What’s Going on in My Garden!

April Gardening 2014Well we have just said goodbye to March and it is now time to start thinking about the April gardening jobs that need doing. I can’t believe that April is here already – I still haven’t done some of the jobs that I planned to do in March!

Despite being well into autumn we have still been having some nice weather over the last few weeks. Earlier this week we even got up into the thirties, which is quite hot for this time of year. It is starting to feel a bit more like autumn these last couple of days though. The end of daylight savings this weekend will definitely put an end to thoughts of warm weather and long days! Looking forward to getting an extra hour in bed tonight ;)

A lot … Continue reading


Links I Love from February 2014

Links I Love LogoWell I am cutting it fine but I will just make it with my favourite links from last month. This post contains links to some of the great blog posts or websites that I have come across from February 2014.

This post is later in the month than I had planned, mainly due to the fact that I suffered from a nasty sinus infection earlier in the month.  I was out of action for a few days while I worked on my DIY sinus infection treatment. While it did hold me up a bit, I was really please that I was able to clear up the infection without resorting to antibiotics.

Like last month I have included both the direct link to the source as well as a Pinterest pin. So if … Continue reading


Munchies Recipe – Childhood Favourite!

My favourite childhood treats were these Munchies! - thelinkssiteThere is something so right about a biscuit or cookie that includes rolled oats, coconut and golden syrup. I just can’t resist this favour combination. The recipe that I am sharing today is for cookie-like snacks called Munchies, which contain all three of these ingredients.

They were a regular treat when I was a kid. My brother and I would get home from school and Mum would have a batch of Munchies freshly baked! We used to love watching our favourite cartoons while snacking on these home baked goodies.

I can’t believe that I have let it go so long before getting around making a batch myself. Mum actually suggested I make some recently when I was flipping through recipe books trying to choose something.

I am so glad that I did because they … Continue reading


Sinus Infection: Treating it Without Antibiotics

Treating Sinus Infection Without Antibiotics - thelinkssite.comIf you suffer pain from a sinus infection it is not always necessary to use antibiotics. It is definitely worth trying some simple home remedies first.

I have recently suffered from a sinus infection and I am very pleased to say that I was able to bring it under control and completely resolve all symptoms myself! This last infection came on quite quickly, I felt a bit of the distinctive face pain in the afternoon but by late evening I was in agony. For some reason I tend to get the most of my sinus pain on the left side of my face. My cheek and jaw become painful and I feel like I have a toothache! Yuk!

Not long ago I would have just gone to the doctor to get antibiotics. With this last … Continue reading


March Gardening 2014: What’s Going on in My Garden!

March Gardening 2014- What's Going on in My Garden! thelinkssite.comGee hasn’t March come around fast! Seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the New Year and now we are talking about March gardening!

The weather has certainly changed in the last two to three weeks. The days have been just lovely lately with the temperature only getting into the high twenties or early thirties.

The garden is also enjoying a break from the heatwaves that we had in January and early February. Now that things have cooled off a bit we can now finally start organising the garden for autumn and winter.

We are going to put our tulip bulbs into the fridge at the end this month which should give us a better display of tulip flowers. The roses need deadheading again … Continue reading