Easiest ever cat toys made from wine corks and wool!

Cheap and Easy Cat Toys

These DIY Cat Toys are so cheap and easy to make they are practically free! Plus unlike bought cat toys, cats will actually play with these toys! How many times have you bought a toy for your cat only to get it home and find that your cat or cats just ignore it? It has happened quite a few times in our house and the result is that we have a box of cat toys that the cats are not interested in! The problem is you never know what toys will take their fancy until you get them home :( What is even more frustrating, our cat will ignore the expensive toys but enjoy playing with crude homemade … [Read More...]

Links I Love from August 2015

Links I Love from August

From mouth-watering recipes to DIY jewellery and other cool craft here are the Links I Love from August! Well it’s that time again when I share some of the great links that I came across during the last month. Lately I have only been posting these every two months but I am now please to say that I am back on track and I will be sharing my favourite links every month. This post looks at the cool stuff that I saw online during August. As I do with all of the Links I Love posts, I am presenting the links in two ways. Firstly I will provide a direct link to the original source so that you … [Read More...]

These plastic earrings are easy to make from everyday recycled materials!

Plastic Earrings from Recycled Sauce Bottles

I love making my own jewellery from recycled materials. Like these cool plastic earrings that were made from part of a squeeze tomato sauce bottle! Earlier this year I shared a tutorial on how to make some really cute plastic earrings from recycled milk bottles. They were so easy to make that I have been wondering how I could make some more using different colours! The milk bottles are really easy to work with but unfortunately they only come in one colour – white! So I had to start looking at the other bottles I was putting out to the recycle. One day when I was washing out an empty … [Read More...]

This Marbled Chocolate Mint Fudge is just as delicious as it is pretty!

Marbled Chocolate Mint Fudge

This Marbled Chocolate Mint Fudge is just as delicious as it is pretty! It’s an easy microwave fudge recipe with a yummy green marbled mint layer! I am quite partial to a bit of choc mint flavour; I love choc mint ice cream! So when I saw this Marbled Mint Chocolate Fudge recipe at Sugar […]

Print these attractive freezer labels onto adhesive paper and then use them to keep your freezer organised!

Free Printable Freezer Labels

Make the most of your frozen items by ensuring that everything is labelled correctly using these attractive free printable freezer labels. Ever since I bought some adhesive paper to make labels for preserves a couple of months ago I have been wondering how else I can use it. I have been thinking that it will […]

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Chocolate lovers will adore these soft and delicious caramel chocolate chip cookies!

Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies


Chocolate lovers will adore these soft and delicious caramel chocolate chip cookies. They are simply irresistible when fresh from the oven and still warm! Don’t you love it when you stumble across a great piece of information just by chance! Last week I had a small amount of sour cream left over in the fridge […]

Great special occasion drink for kids - Mock Champagne! thelinkssite.com

Delicious Mock Champagne Recipe


I love a glass or two of bubbly of the alcoholic variety but sometimes you need a special occasion drink that is non-alcoholic. It’s my birthday this weekend and I will be catching up with family which includes my niece and nephew. Since they are not old enough for alcohol but are starting to get […]

Amazingly Easy Nutella Brownies - thelinkssite.com

Amazingly Easy Nutella Brownies


Okay today I am sharing one of the easiest recipes I have ever made. I can’t believe that there is such an easy way to make brownies! I have seen recipes for Nutella Brownies that are made using only 3 ingredients, but until now I have been quite sceptical as to whether they would really […]

Easy scone recipe that only has 3 ingredients! thelinkssite.com

Quick and Easy Scone Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients!)


I don’t know why but I often get a craving for scones when I have been working around the house, either doing housework or out in the garden. But as much as I love scones sometimes I get a bit lazy and can’t be bothered because it just seems like too much trouble. When you’re […]

Creamy Pasta Salad Recipe - thelinkssite.com

Creamy Pasta Salad Recipe


The weather is starting to cool off and autumn is slowly taking hold but I am going to fight the cooler weather by talking about summer type recipes today! For years I have enjoyed a yummy helping of the classic creamy pasta salad with my summer salads. Adding a spoonful or two of pasta salad […]

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It is a good idea to have a look for garden pests after dark if you can't see what is eating your plants! thelinkssite.com

Looking for Garden Pests at Night


I’ve been gardening for a while now so I have encountered quite a few garden pests. I’ve had to deal with aphids on the roses and cabbage white butterfly attacking my broccoli. Usually it is possible to have a close look at the plants to see what is doing the damage. That hasn’t been the […]

There are lots of ways that you can use coffee grounds in the garden - thelinkssite.com

How to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden


I don’t actually drink coffee but others in my family do so I am lucky enough that I still have access to some coffee grounds.  I have been adding coffee grounds to the compost for a while now but I have always wondered if there were other ways that they could be used in the […]

Handy plastic phone holder for using when out in the garden! - thelinkssite.com

DIY Gardeners Mobile Phone Holder


When I am outside in the garden and there is no one else at home I like to have my mobile phone with me just in case someone tries to contact me. If I am wearing jeans then it is not too difficult to keep my mobile with me because it fits easily into my […]

Recording Vegetable Garden Crop Placement - thelinkssite.com

Recording Vegetable Garden Crop Placement


Our vegetable garden is a bit unusual in that we don’t have formal beds. The vegetable garden itself is around ten metres by five metres and each season we just set up plots within that space as we need them.  We have a few main paths around the vegetable garden but other than that we […]

Easy Plastic Plant Markers - thelinkssite.com

Easy Plastic Plant Markers


I have enjoyed growing my own vegetables immensely over the last couple of years.  It is so much fun planning what you want to grow and then planting and tending to the seeds and plants. I have even contemplated planting vegetables that I don’t even like that much just so I can see if I […]

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