Cute Storage for Cupcake Liners

Cute Storage for Cupcake Liners - thelinkssite.comI have to admit that I just can’t walk past the baking section at the supermarket without having a quick look at the cupcake liners that are on offer. I love these pretty little pieces of paper that make baking so much easier!

I use cupcake liners when I am making cupcakes or muffins because they are not only fast to pop into the baking trays – but they also make clean up afterwards a breeze. The less cleaning the better I say!

As well as being convenient cupcake liners also add that something extra to the cupcakes and muffins they hold. Whether they’re a solid colour, checked, or have a fancy pattern, they make any cupcake or muffin look really special. So when I see some cupcake liners in a colour or pattern that I don’t have, I just have to buy them!

The only down side is that the shelf in my pantry gets stacked high with small packets of cupcake liners and they usually all fall over when I go to get anything out of the pantry! If you buy the same brand … Continue reading


Easy Washi Tape Mother’s Day Vase

Easy Mother's Day Vase - thelinkssite.comThis weekend is Mother’s Day and I wanted to make a personalised gift for my mum this year. The first present that came to mind that I know that she will absolutely love (as do most mothers) is flowers. My mum is especially into flower because her hobby is floral arranging.  I pretty much know that if I give here anything to do with flowers it will be a hit! This year I thought rather than just giving her a bunch of flowers I would make a Mother’s Day vase that I could fill with flowers for her.

I had an old coffee jar that I thought would look great as a vase but I needed to come up with an idea for how to decorate it. I have to admit that I am not that artistic, so trying to come up with something that was completely original but that didn’t look like the work of a pre-schooler was difficult!

That was until I came across this great idea from Brittany at Pretty Handy Girl for using washi tape (check it out here).  I love … Continue reading


Quick and Easy Scone Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients!)

Easy scone recipe that only has 3 ingredients! thelinkssite.comI don’t know why but I often get a craving for scones when I have been working around the house, either doing housework or out in the garden. But as much as I love scones sometimes I get a bit lazy and can’t be bothered because it just seems like too much trouble. When you’re really busy and you get a scone craving you need an easy scone recipe, don’t you? Well now I have that easy scone recipe and I want you to know about it to!

This recipe, which I found here at Cooking Crusade, could not be any easier, and it makes THE BEST SCONES that you will ever taste! Even my mum has admitted that the scones made using this recipe are better than any she has ever made! That is high praise because my mum is a really good cook!

Speaking of mums this recipe would be great for mother’s day which is coming up next weekend. Your mum won’t be able to say no to these yummy scones with jam and cream? And with this easy … Continue reading


Links I Love (February and March)

My favourite links from January 2015Wow hasn’t the first few months of the year just flown? It is hard to believe that we are in the middle of autumn already! Despite being well into autumn the days have been almost spring like lately so we have enjoyed getting out and about in the sunshine while we can. Mind you the garden is so dry that I would much prefer that it was cold and raining. We haven’t had a decent rain since January!

Something else that hasn’t happened lately around here is me sharing my favourite links from my recent online reading. Well I thought that I had better rectify the problem by sharing my favourite links from February and March. If you are into cooking, craft, or DIY you will definitely love these links. They always inspire me to get baking or tackle some craft so I hope that they provided you with some ideas and inspiration too!

As per usual I will share the direct link so that you can go straight to the source if you wish. I am also including a Pinterest pin so you can see what … Continue reading


Creamy Pasta Salad Recipe

Creamy Pasta Salad Recipe - thelinkssite.comThe weather is starting to cool off and autumn is slowly taking hold but I am going to fight the cooler weather by talking about summer type recipes today! For years I have enjoyed a yummy helping of the classic creamy pasta salad with my summer salads. Adding a spoonful or two of pasta salad just seems to liven up a plain leafy lettuce salad and gives it a bit more substance I think. So I decided that, even though summer was nearly over, I was going to try out a creamy pasta salad recipe for myself.  I am so glad that I did!

I always felt a bit guilty eating the store bought creamy pasta salad because it is probably not the healthiest salad around and it is certainly not low in calories! It was usually reserved for special occasions or family BBQs not for everyday meals! But I have used low fat mayonnaise and lite sour cream in this creamy pasta salad recipe – so I can enjoy one of my favourite salads more often without the guilt. It might be lower in fat but it … Continue reading


DIY Gardeners Mobile Phone Holder

Handy plastic phone holder for using when out in the garden! - thelinkssite.comWhen I am outside in the garden and there is no one else at home I like to have my mobile phone with me just in case someone tries to contact me. If I am wearing jeans then it is not too difficult to keep my mobile with me because it fits easily into my pocket. The problem is when I am wearing clothes that don’t have pockets and I don’t like putting my phone down just in case I forget where I put it. It’s times like these where some type of mobile phone holder would really come in handy!

Just the other day I was going to be spending some time out in the garden watering and I didn’t have any way of carrying my mobile around with me. I didn’t want to go and buy a mobile phone holder because I only need it when I’m in the garden. What I really wanted to do was make one myself.  I started thinking about a link that I saw (here) once where someone … Continue reading


Recording Vegetable Garden Crop Placement

Recording Vegetable Garden Crop Placement - thelinkssite.comOur vegetable garden is a bit unusual in that we don’t have formal beds. The vegetable garden itself is around ten metres by five metres and each season we just set up plots within that space as we need them.  We have a few main paths around the vegetable garden but other than that we tend to make our plots as big or as small as we need them.

We find that this is quite handy because we can often squeeze more into the garden by leaving smaller pathways. It does however have its drawbacks, the main one being that we have to keep a plan of our complete garden each season so that we can see what we have planted where.

Recording what you have planted and where you have planted it in the vegetable garden is vital for ongoing success with your vegetable crops. It is important to rotate vegetable crops around the garden to minimise pest and disease problems.

If we had raised garden beds we could simply give each one a number and then record what had been planted in each. … Continue reading


Virgin Mojito Recipe

Virgin Mojito Recipe - thelinkssite.comWhen you have been outside in the garden working or if the weather is super-hot there is nothing more thirst quenching than a big glass of chilled water! I try and drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, and most days I don’t have any trouble meeting that quota! I think I love water so much because it goes with all food types. I mean water has no taste, so you can drink it with every meal and you don’t have to worry about if it will clash with the food!

As much as I like water it is nice to have some other drinks as well. When you are looking for a refreshing summertime drink you can’t go past a lemon based drink! Aside from plain water I find that lemon drinks are very satisfying on a hot day. So today I am sharing a recipe for a Virgin Mojito using fresh lemon juice!

To be honest I had never had a mojito until this summer but after I came across this recipe for a Virgin Mojito I thought … Continue reading