Easy Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

Easy Lemon Cheesecake Recipe - thelinkssite.comIt tastes so indulgent but this Easy Lemon Cheesecake is quick to prepare and requires no baking. It’s irresistibly creamy, with a delicious lemon flavour.

It is starting to feel more and more like spring is on its way each day now, the days have been so nice lately and were are expected to have a top of 20 °C later in the week! It looks like spring is here too with our almond trees covered in beautiful white blossom and the plum and apricot trees almost ready to burst. The milder weather has got me thinking about warmer weather desserts and because we have had lots of lemons on our little tree I naturally turned to lemon desserts. Nothing gets my mouth watering quicker than looking at wonderful lemon dessert and snack recipes, I shared a few … Continue reading


Protecting Garden Hose Connectors

How to easily protect garden hose connectors - thelinkssite.comWe have a fairly large garden which means that we have a few taps around the garden. Many of these taps have to have multi outlet hose connectors attached to them so that we can send water to where it is need during the warmer months.

We find that we need to have two way connectors (up to even four way connectors) on most of our garden taps so that we can connect multiple hoses and drip irrigation systems to the one tap. This way the hose connectors allow us to water more than one garden bed at a time.

Over the years though, we have gone through a few of these hose connectors because they tend to become old and brittle after a few years of being out in the elements. We use … Continue reading


My Tips for Enforcing a Cat Curfew

How we get our cats to stick to a night time cat curfew! - thelinkssite.comWe have had our two cats, Maddy and Wally which were adopted from the RSPCA, for a little over six months now and they have well and truly settled into a routine of coming inside just as the sun is setting. We do this because we have a cat curfew in our area that states that all cats must be kept indoors between sunset and sunrise.

It hasn’t always been easy to get the cats inside at night though. Initially we would spend time most evenings trying to coax the cats inside after dark. Wally was probably the worst because he just loves being outside and really rebelled against the idea of being locked in at night. That said they have both had their moments when … Continue reading


Links I Love from July 2014

Links I Love July 2014 - thelinkssite.comNow that we are well and truly into August it is time to look back at some of the great links from July 2014. I love reading other blogs and seeing what great content is out there. There seems to be an endless supply of yummy recipes, gardening ideas, and cool craft online.

I really wish there were more hours in the day because there are so many great projects out there that I would love to try. Until I do get a chance I will have to be content with passing on the links!

As I have in the past I will share the direct links so that you can go directly to the websites if you wish. I will also share Pinterest pins of the links. That way you can use the ‘Pin It’ … Continue reading


Walnut Raisin Loaf Recipe

Walnut Raisin Loaf - thelinksite.comI’m a real sucker for any recipe that contains walnuts and raisins. Throw in some apple and cinnamon and I’m in heaven! If you like these favours as much as I do you will love this Walnut Raisin Loaf recipe that I am sharing today.

This recipe was actually spotted a few years ago when I was using raisins in another recipe. The packet of Sunbeam raisins that I was using included the walnut raisin loaf recipe and it sounded so good that I had to give it a try. I was not disappointed – it was delicious!

I just love how it is packed with soft sweet raisins while having a delicious apple and cinnamon flavour. Topped off with the satisfying crunch of walnuts you have everything you need in a fruit and nut loaf! It … Continue reading


August Gardening Plus What’s Going on in My Garden!

August Gardening Jobs and What is Going on in My Garden - thelinkssite.comIt’s so great to be writing about August gardening! I don’t really want to be wishing the year away but now that August is almost here it means that spring is just around the corner -yippee! If you are following me on Instagram you will have seen that Mother Nature gave us a spring teaser this week. It was just glorious out in the garden on Monday – it was cool but there was not a cloud in sky! On Tuesday we were brought back to winter though with a cold wind, grey skies and showers (here’s the contrast shot).

We have had a few frosty mornings during July but we have used our trusty frost protection cloth to … Continue reading


Frosted Choc Orange Cupcakes

Frosted Choc Orange Cupcakes - thelinkssite.comI love orange cakes and I love chocolate cakes, so when I had some spare oranges lying around I decided I just had to make some of these choc orange cupcakes. Actually the recipe that I adapted was for a single square choc orange cake but I turned it into cupcakes instead!

Cupcakes seem a bit more special than just a slice of cake. I suppose it is because I used to enjoy lots of yummy cupcakes when I was a kid. More times than I can remember I used to come home from school and mum would have some of these yummy little cakes waiting for me and my brother. We used to love watching cartoons and snacking on home baked treats like cupcakes.  My favourite were the butterfly ones – with whipped cream and jelly – … Continue reading


Treating Fungal Growth on Fruit Trees

Treating Fungal Growth on Fruit Trees - thelinkssite.comRecently I shared a list of the July gardening jobs that I plan to tackle this month. And while I have made a start on this list I have realised that I forgot to mention one job. It is not something that I have been doing for years but treating fungal growth on fruit trees is now one of my winter jobs!

Over the last couple of years we began noticing orange fungus growing on some of our fruit trees. It didn’t seem to be affecting the health of the trees but we were a bit worried anyway. It was growing in and around the cracks in the bark – mostly on the main branches.

It was only the plum and apricot trees … Continue reading