Easy Homemade Firelighters

Easy Homemade Firelighters. Use old teabags and used birthday candles to make your own firelighters! - thelinkssite.comWe have our wood heater going almost constantly over winter, it is so nice to be able to curl up on the couch on a cold winter’s day and watch the fire! It’s also great to come home to a warm house in the winter. Even when the fire has died right down it still puts out enough heat to keep the house reasonably warm. As the weather starts to warm up though we are able to let the fire go out during the day more and more often. This means that we start to use more firelighters to get the fire started in the evenings.

We have normally bought firelighters and find that they work quite well but they can be messy and expensive. A while back I saw a link on Pinterest showing a method for making your own firelighters and I have been keen to give it a try ever since. Now that we are using more I thought that it was the perfect time to give it a try myself.

I had … Continue reading


How to Roast Garlic in the Oven

How to Roast Garlic. Everyone should try this, it is easy and tastes delicious! thelinkssite.comWe use lots of garlic these days; it hasn’t always been that way though. Despite having garlic growing in our garden, until a couple of years ago, we were not harvesting and using it – gee that has changed! The last couple of years we have really become passionate about growing our garlic. Last summer we had a large harvest of garlic and we have been using it as often as possible. We use it in soups, stews, on pizzas and for garlic bread. We usually either mince it or dice it but recently I started to wonder about how to roast garlic.

I have purchased many tasty products over the years that include roasted garlic but I have never tried to roast garlic myself. I started to imagine using roasted garlic on pizzas and in spaghetti sauce and also making my own dips with roasted garlic –yum! I must say the thought of all that roast garlic really had my mouth watering so I had a quick search online to see … Continue reading


Links I Love from August 2014

Links I Love from August 2014- thelinkssite.comWelcome back to my monthly Links I Love posts, where I share some of the great stuff that I have found online during the previous month. Now that we are into September it is time to look back at the great links that I found during August 2014!

As I have said before I love searching online and reading other blogs. Each month I am amazed at the number of great recipes, craft, DIY, and gardening ideas that are shared online.  I love cooking so I find that it is not hard to lose a few hours out of the day pouring over the hundreds of tasty looking recipes from the many food blogs I follow.

Some of the other blogs that I really enjoy reading are the DIY and craft ones. I enjoy having a go at craft and DIY projects so I love seeing the cool ideas that other bloggers have come up with. The biggest problem is finding the time to try out all these great projects!

As usual I am presenting these great links in two ways. Firstly I will provide the … Continue reading


Choc Mint Ice Cream Topping

Choc Mint Ice Cream Topping - thelinkssite.comNow that we are finally into spring I am beginning to crave warmer weather desserts. Don’t get me wrong the weather is nowhere near summery yet but it is possible to feel the change in the seasons.  Last month I shared an easy lemon cheesecake recipe that is a perfect summer dessert but I have also been craving a really quick summer dessert fix. That is where this Choc Mint Ice Cream Topping comes in handy.

I am a big fan of the Ice Magic type ice cream toppings; you know the ones that are liquid as you pour them over ice cream and then they set hard – like magic! When I was a kid my nana would give us ice cream with Ice Magic as a treat when we visited. We used to think it was so cool to drizzle the chocolate topping over our ice cream, wait a few seconds and then give it a tap with our spoons to check if it had set.

Last summer I tried some of the mint flavoured Ice Magic and … Continue reading


September Gardening Plus What’s Going on in My Garden

It is almost spring and I am sharing what I have been doing in my garden. September Gardening - thelinkssite.comThe weather has been so lovely over the last few days which has really made it feel like it is spring already. The nice weather is not going to last for long though because they are forecasting rain and cooler weather from tomorrow. Regardless of the weather, it is great to be planning for our September gardening jobs because it means that spring is just around the corner!

Earlier this month we had some quite chilly nights and mornings, it got down to -3 and -4 °C for a few nights in a row and we had to make sure that our frost protection was in place those nights! We haven’t really had any frosts during the second half of August. In the past though, we have had frosts right up till October so we are not counting out more frosts still to come!

It has been unusually dry during August so we have started watering our vegetable patch every few days. Most of the ornamental … Continue reading


Easy Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

Easy Lemon Cheesecake Recipe - thelinkssite.comIt tastes so indulgent but this Easy Lemon Cheesecake is quick to prepare and requires no baking. It’s irresistibly creamy, with a delicious lemon flavour.

It is starting to feel more and more like spring is on its way each day now, the days have been so nice lately and were are expected to have a top of 20 °C later in the week! It looks like spring is here too with our almond trees covered in beautiful white blossom and the plum and apricot trees almost ready to burst. The milder weather has got me thinking about warmer weather desserts and because we have had lots of lemons on our little tree I naturally turned to lemon desserts. Nothing gets my mouth watering quicker than looking at wonderful lemon dessert and snack recipes, I shared a few sweet lemon recipes that got my attention a few weeks ago.

The ultimate lemon dessert that I just can’t resist would have to be lemon cheesecake. I really like the no-bake type of cheesecake and find it hard to resist having … Continue reading


Protecting Garden Hose Connectors

How to easily protect garden hose connectors - thelinkssite.comWe have a fairly large garden which means that we have a few taps around the garden. Many of these taps have to have multi outlet hose connectors attached to them so that we can send water to where it is need during the warmer months.

We find that we need to have two way connectors (up to even four way connectors) on most of our garden taps so that we can connect multiple hoses and drip irrigation systems to the one tap. This way the hose connectors allow us to water more than one garden bed at a time.

Over the years though, we have gone through a few of these hose connectors because they tend to become old and brittle after a few years of being out in the elements. We use the plastic ones but they do struggle with being outside in the hot summer sun and freezing winter frosts.

Earlier this year we changed over a few of the hose connectors on our taps and I started thinking about how we could protect them from the effects of sun and … Continue reading


My Tips for Enforcing a Cat Curfew

How we get our cats to stick to a night time cat curfew! - thelinkssite.comWe have had our two cats, Maddy and Wally which were adopted from the RSPCA, for a little over six months now and they have well and truly settled into a routine of coming inside just as the sun is setting. We do this because we have a cat curfew in our area that states that all cats must be kept indoors between sunset and sunrise.

It hasn’t always been easy to get the cats inside at night though. Initially we would spend time most evenings trying to coax the cats inside after dark. Wally was probably the worst because he just loves being outside and really rebelled against the idea of being locked in at night. That said they have both had their moments when they seem to change from wanting to be near us to running away from us once the sun goes down. It’s like they turn feral once the sun has set and nothing we do will make them want to come in!

Most times, when they were out after dark, we … Continue reading